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The training profession has long since recognized the importance of facilitated learning.  True learning comes from a combination of imparting wisdom and facilitating learning.  At AHA! we believe that the learning process is just as important and in many cases more important than the presentation of knowledge.  We have seen many AHA! moments happen from group discussions and interactions.  In fact, our facilitators often have their own AHA! moments when working with a group.  Think about the collective knowledge of a group of thirty individuals versus the knowledge of one expert.  Our facilitators are skilled in guiding a group to recognize that knowledge and how it can be implemented in the workplace.

What to expect?

  • Consultation prior to facilitation to determine your needs and the outcomes you would like to see.
  • Skilled facilitators who challenge and bring the best out of you and your team.
  • Customized facilitation sessions to your needs.
  • Follow-up call with you to share our observations and make recommendations on moving forward.

What are some of the training topics offered by AHA!?  Click HERE to see our workshop offerings.

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"As a facilitator, Andrea, you are top-notch! You kept the 4.5 hour session lively, interactive, judgement-free, and fluent. The session proceeded so quickly it was hard to believe the time had gone by."Barbara J. Stark,M.A.,
President & CEO
Milagro Center
"The systematic and research-based material, delivered through a flexible and conversational presentation, helped provide me with a much deeper understanding of our company and how various team members can work together even more effectively."Evan Nierman,
Red Banyan Group
"Thanks again for such an amazing facilitation. It was a fun day and we have been talking about it ever since!"Kristofer Cooper,
Vice President, Human Resources
MoresLife, Inc.