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A revolutionary tool that allows organizations to put systems into place that enable them to consistently personalize their customer’s experience, build stronger relationships, increase customer loyalty and ultimately make their price irrelevant.

Customer Experience Cycle Workshop

After a customized Secret Service keynote for your organization, all the attendees go through the world renowned Customer Experience Cycle.  Teams from every department help define the critical “Service Defects” that need to be avoided, “Non-negotiable Experiential Standards” that should be executed consistently and the best “Above and Beyond Opportunities” that exist at each point of contact (stage) that you have with your customers; thus reducing the wide variation of the customer’s experience delivered.

Andrea, our CEO, has been personally trained by John DiJulius, President of The DiJulius Group, and best-selling author of Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service Book.  As a Secret Service Certified presenter, she is licensed to present the principle philosophies of Secret Service and facilitate the Customer Experience Cycle Workshop.

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"I have participated in three different DiSC studies with AHA and each one has exceeded my expectations. Andrea is a great facilitator. Her passion for the subject matter combined with her outstanding interpersonal skills allows her to effectively engage even the most introverted participants. The results from each of the sessions I’ve participated in have helped the teams function more effectively. I would highly recommend Andrea Hoffer Associates to any organization seeking to improve the communication between or productivity of their team."Dr. Bill Prigge,
Assistant Dean for Administration
College of Pharmacy at University of Tennessee Health Science Center
""Andrea is uniquely qualified to help others develop a people-oriented, coaching style of leadership which also focuses on results."Sally Hammock
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Andrea is highly skilled at assimilating data and presenting it in a format that is easy to understand and implement."Judi Hedge
On The Edge with Judi Hedge