What will You do next?

With Thanksgiving a couple of days behind us, I find myself thinking about all of the things in my life for which I am thankful. It is the time of year when we all take stock of the wonderful advantages we have in our lives. This year as you contemplate the loving and supportive people in your life, the business or job that has provided for you, or the safety and security you enjoy, I challenge you to consider how you will build upon this strong foundation. Basically, What will YOU do next?Each year, after we give thanks, we start to create our New Years Resolutions. Typically resolutions tend to revolve around losing weight, being more organized, learning a new skill, or stopping an unhealthy habit. These are all good resolutions, but how often do we keep them? We give ourselves a year to accomplish our resolutions and don’t understand why a year later we gained the weight back or our office is in disarray despite our resolution to get organized. This year before you set your 2013 resolutions, ask yourself the following questions:

What have I been dreaming about?

Spend some time with this question. The answer may not be obvious at first. List out five to six areas of your life on a large piece of paper. I’ve listed here six areas that I like to use to give you a starting point. Customize them to what works for you: My Career/Business, My Body, My Mind, My Finances, My Journey, My Possessions. Next, start to brainstorm all of the things you ever dreamed about in each area. Here are some examples:

My Career/Business

  • Get promoted to Senior VP of Operations
  • Quit my job and become a Professional Organizer
  • Organize my business, so I don’t have to spend so much time there

My Journey

  • Go on a Mediterranean cruise
  • Become involved in my community
  • Spend more time with my family

My Mind

  • Overcome my fear of public speaking
  • Learn to be a more effective leader
  • Enroll in grad school to earn my MBA

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, please read “Where do Great Ideas Come From?

Hang your paper up in a prominent place in your home or office and add to it for a week. Don’t judge anything you write. This is not the time to be concerned with how you are going to find the time or money. Once you feel you have listed out all of your dreams, circle the THREE that are the most important to YOU. It is important that you choose the thoughts and dreams that are important to you and not be influenced by others.

How will this impact my life?

The next step is to picture in detail how achieving this dream will impact your life. Don’t jump ahead and start to think about how you are going to accomplish your dream. That will come in the planning stage. First you need to consider what the final outcome will look like. Hang up a new piece of paper and make three columns. Write one dream at the top of each column. Below each dream begin to describe how it will impact your life. Here is an example:

Get promoted to Senior VP of Operations

  • More money
  • I will have a larger influence on operations at work
  • I will have to work more hours

Get creative with this part of the exercise. Draw pictures if you like. How can achieving this dream really change your life? Will it help you to work towards other dreams on your list or hinder your success in other areas? Will you have to make sacrifices? What will you gain? Are the tradeoffs worth it? Remember, you are not to consider the sacrifices or tradeoffs you may need to make to achieve this dream at this point in the process. You are only considering what your life might be like if you realized this dream.

Keep this paper up in your home or office for a week. Review it a couple of times a day. Add to it if something else comes to you. Put yourself in the picture you described and really begin to feel it. Does it feel right to you? After you have lived with these dreams for a week, circle the one that you are ready to pursue right now. If you cannot narrow it down to one, then choose two. I don’t recommend more than two.

The next step is the Planning Stage which we will be the discussion of my December newsletter. Look for it the last week of December. This will give you time to create a plan and start the steps to achieve your dream in 2013!

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This program includes:

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