The secret to sales…

What is the secret to sales? It is a question I am often asked. I am far from a sales guru and would never consider myself even close to an expert in the area, but still I am asked. My answer is simple…. SERVICE.Smile – It is so simple, but we often get caught up in the everyday give and take of our lives and forget to smile. A greeting with a smile is welcoming and makes a person feel special, like you are happy they are there. You will be amazed at the power of a sincere smile.

Engage – Engage your guest in conversation. Why are they here? Did they walk into your dress shop because their son is getting married and they want the perfect dress for the wedding? Is the couple sitting at a table at your restaurant celebrating their first anniversary or is this their first date? Is the woman glancing at your booth at the local expo interested in any of your services or will she just walk by? How will you know unless you start up a conversation. The standard, “Can I help you?” Isn’t enough anymore. People want to be acknowledged and understood for their individual needs. They want to know you care. At a minimum, you need to be present and available to help them. I have walked out of many establishments when the only person working is on the phone with a personal call and continues the call as I look around. The sales associate assumes I won’t buy anything and she is right. I can’t tell you how much money I have saved due to poor customer service.

Recommend – Once you make a connection with your guest, you can make recommendations for her that fit her unique needs. It could be a dress that will look great on her or a financial product that will work with her financial goals.

Value – Create value for your guest. Explain why the recommendation you made is valuable to them. The dress you recommended for her son’s wedding can also be worn on the cruise she is taking in the summer. The suggested financial product will provide a secure savings account for his grandson’s education.

Initiate the sale. Don’t wait for your guest to initiate the sale. It is up to you to move the sale towards a close when you feel they are ready. It could be as simple as asking how they would like to pay for it.

Close – Close the sale. Take the money, get them to sign a proposal, or set-up a time to meet. Whatever it looks like for your business – close the deal.

Engage – Once you close the sale, it is time to engage your client again. Compliment the item they purchased and remind them how it will benefit them. You don’t want your client to have buyers remorse. Create ways to continue the conversation with them and educate your clients about it. You may offer free workshops or an informational Enewsletter. She may have loved the skirt she purchased so much, she wants it in more colors. Offer to contact her when more colors are available or similar items come in.

The question to ask yourself is if you really want to make the sale. If you do, then make the extra effort. Great customer service is the key to sales, referrals, and customer retention. What are you going to do today to increase your sales by SERVICE?

About Andrea

Andrea Hoffer brings a unique perspective to consulting and training. A small business owner with 35 employees herself, she knows first hand the everyday challenges of motivating employees, exceeding customer expectations, and meeting business and revenue goals. Contact Andrea to help you improve the experience you offer your customers and employees.

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