When do I get a day off?

It is a common syndrome. You work all week and look forward to your day off, only to receive calls, emails, and text messages from your team when you are away from the office. They know it is your day off, but must speak with you immediately. The question or problem cannot wait until you return. You soon find that you are no longer in control of your day off because you need to address these concerns before you can enjoy your day.How does this happen? Are we all that indispensable in our jobs that our employees, colleagues, or even boss cannot make it through a day successfully without us? If this is true, will we ever really have a true day off?Gone our the days where only doctors have beepers for emergencies. Today, we are all essentially strapped to a beeper with cellphones that receive texts and emails. So, how do we truly get the day off we deserve?

What “emergencies” typically come up?

The first step is to think about the type of “emergencies” that come up when you are away from the office. Do you see a pattern? Are there steps you can take while in the office to prepare your team for what could come up? Do they feel empowered to address the most common situations? Do they know how to handle them?

Who can be the leader in my absence?

Look for a leader on your team. Is there someone you could train to address these “emergencies” while you are away? Does your team know who to look towards when you are out of the office? Make sure they know you have trust in this person to make the right decision and handle whatever comes up. He or she will know when it truly is an emergency that has to be handled by you.

What are my ground rules?

Finally, set the ground rules and follow them! Let your team know that you will be unavailable while you are away. Tell them they are welcome to send you emails with questions which you will address when you return to the office. Then, hold yourself to these same guidelines. If you feel the need to review your messages before you go into the office, review them all at once at a time you schedule for yourself. Do not respond as they come in or your team will always expect you to do this. Don’t worry. The person you left in charge will let you know if there is a true emergency that needs to be addressed.

If you can’t remember a time when you could actually take a day off without distraction, ask yourself what you can do to finally get that day off you so richly deserve.

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