How a 10 year old sold me

Last weekend at lunch with my family, I mentioned that I was going that afternoon to the Apple Store because I was eligible for a phone upgrade. My nephew’s ears piped up a the words, “Apple” and “new phone.” He immediately suggested I get the iPhone 5s and not the 5c. At 10 years old, Eytan’s knowledge of Apple products has already surpassed mine. I didn’t know there was a difference, so I asked him if he wanted to come with me. He agreed.On our way to the Apple Store, Eytan explained that I would need a new case since my current case wouldn’t fit the new iPhone. My old case was falling apart anyway, so I knew I had to replace it. I mentioned that I wanted a case similar to the one I currently own, which has a built in wallet and strap.We arrived at the Apple Store and Eytan proceeded to explain to me the difference between the iPhone 5s and 5c. I agreed with him that the 5s was the right phone for me. While I waited for an Apple team member to help me, my nephew asked if I wanted him to see if he could find a case for me. I wasn’t really planning on purchasing a case at the Apple Store, but I told to go see what he could find. As I waited, I watched from the other side of the store as my nephew examined the cases pensively. After a minute or so, he approached an Apple employee for help. Over the next few minutes, my nephew and the Apple employee engaged in conversation. My nephew asked a question and listened attentively to the response. This back and forth continued for another couple of minutes and then he returned to where I was standing. He quickly asked me two questions and then went back to speak with the Apple team member.

Five minutes later, Eytan returned with a case. Before he gave it to me, he told me he found the perfect case for me. Then he made the following points about the case:

  • The case will fit my new iPhone and has a built in wallet like I wanted.
  • The case has a carrying strap – another feature I wanted
  • The case does not require me to take the phone out of the case to take a picture. I hadn’t mentioned this to him, but he noticed I had to do this every time I took a pic with my current case.
  • The case is black. He acknowledged that my current case is purple, but they only had this case available in black. He felt that since this case had all of the features I wanted, I should still consider it.

I was blown away! This 10 year old boy actually:

Listened to what I expressed as my needs (wallet, strap) for a phone case.

Observed how I used my current case and suggested a new feature that I might find beneficial (peek hole for camera).

Anticipated and addressed my objection (color) before I even verbalized it.

I gladly purchased the case. How could I not? He made me see it was exactly what I wanted. When I told this story to my sister, she said that my nephew must have read my new ebook, “The NEW Customer.”

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