Meet Andrea

Meet Andrea

Our Founder, Andrea Hoffer, brings a unique perspective to business consulting.  A small business owner with 35 employees herself, she knows first hand the everyday challenges of motivating employees, exceeding customer expectations, and meeting business and revenue goals.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Andrea worked within colleges and universities, focusing on student leadership development, event planning, and revenue producing operation management.

Andrea founded AHA! Business Consulting in 2010, drawing upon 20 years of management and training experience in retail operations including spa, bowling/pool hall, copy center, and product driven retail stores.  Her passion for learning about what motivates others and her desire to help individuals and teams grow were the driving forces to create AHA!  Andrea has helped clients achieve their goals through effective communication, challenging the norm, and organization strategies.

When she is not working, Andrea enjoys traveling the world, walking on the beach, making her niece laugh, and learning about the world through her nephew’s eyes.

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"Andrea provided training for the university board that I manage. The board members’ evaluations of the session were all positive, indicating that Andrea’s DiSC training contributed both to their personal development and also to the growth of the group as a whole. Andrea is a highly skilled facilitator who persisted in challenging the group members to really listen to one another and to take lessons away from the experience. Her individual work with me as the group’s facilitator provided deep insights and concrete strategies that I can use well into the future. My group is already asking when Andrea can come back to work with us again!"Pierrette Maillet
Associate Director of Alumni Relations,
Kennesaw State University
"Andrea turned everything around. During her first year, financial results improved by $800,000."Rosalind R. Meyers
Georgia Institute of Technology