Find Great Employees


Find Great Employees


Does it seem like you are always short-staffed and trying to find time to hire? Do you find it difficult to find the right people who fit into your company culture?

We deliver high-quality front-line candidates that can immediately enhance your brand AND REDUCE YOUR EMPLOYEE TURNOVER COSTS.

It starts with a conversation.  We will help you determine what you are currently spending on recruiting and onboarding in both money and time.  This will help us determine together if we are the right solution for you.  Book a FREE Consultation today.

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Stress-Free Tips for Hiring Frontline Employees

Attract the right candidates by using these three simple tools.

Using Group Interviews to Take the Headache Out of Hiring

3 Steps to Using Group Interviews to Take the Headache Out of Hiring

Recruiting Tools & Services

On-boarding A New Team Member

The job offer is just the beginning. Do you know the key things you absolutely must accomplish within the first 2 weeks of hiring a new employee? Get it right with valuable on-boarding tools & checklists.

Group Interviews Made Easy

Bring out the best in your candidates!  Stop wasting time and energy on endless rounds of interviews!  Our easy-to-implement and highly effective group interview program for hiring frontline employees saves you time, makes interviews fun, and produces high-quality results.  Check out our FREE GUIDE on how to use group interviews to improve your hiring!

Easy Reference Checks

SkillSurvey Reference™ Online Reference Checking Solution is a powerful online reference checking solution that gets references to talk.  The results: increased efficiencies and substantially reduced reference-checking turnaround time and time-to-fill.

Hiring Event

Bring attention to your brand and your job opportunities!  We will help you plan and execute your own hiring event-including getting candidates there.  Hiring Events attract a large number of qualified candidates and reduce your time to hire.

Powerful Selection Assessment

PXT Select™ Prehire Assessments. An online selection assessment that measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests.

PXT Select, a Wiley brand, offers superior selection and employee-assessment solutions.  Combining over 20 years of research with powerful assessment technology, PXT Select and its intuitive suite of reports help fill the gap between the resume and the interview.

Hiring Made Easy ** Signature Interview Program**

Having trouble spotting the right candidate to hire?  How do you know if a candidate is great at interviews but wrong for your job?  Maybe they are right for the job, but wrong for your culture.  We will customize a hiring process and interview kit just for your position(s).  You will discover how to recognize the right person for YOUR job and culture.

Improve your recruiting efforts with Text Recruiting

Leverage text messaging to engage your talent pool with automated employer branding messaging sequences.

AHA! Impressions

Our full-service Recruitment Programs.   Learn more at

We are not a traditional staffing or recruiting agency.  We work with you throughout the talent lifecycle by removing time-consuming administrative tasks from your plate, coaching & supporting you for success, and providing the most current best practices and services.

Outsource the heavy lifting to us! Schedule a FREE Consultation to learn about AHA! Impressions Today!

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“Thank you to AHA! for providing our diverse organization the tools to provide consistent interview practices with well thought-out questions that focus on the overarching values of Turnberry!”Krystina Mores
Human Research Partner
Turnberry Associates
“As Red Banyan has grown and accelerated our hiring, the recruitment assistance from AHA! has been truly invaluable. AHA!’s pre-hire assessments have become a standard part of our hiring process, providing a new level of insight into candidates before they even come in for an interview. Andrea and her team are responsive, professional and easy to work with. They have saved us time and money by helping with the hiring so that we can focus on our core business, which is delivering results for our clients.”Evan Neirman
Founder & Principal
Red Banyan Group
"Working with AHA! helped our company learn how to hire and keep the right employees. AHA! really opened up our eyes to focus on core values and how to communicate them to our employees. They always listened to our ideas and helped us form solutions and processes that best fit our company.“Jessica & Elliot Helmer
The Salt Suite
“AHA! helped us with our recruitment efforts for a new and unique front-line employee position. Andrea, our consultant, brought an effective and efficient approach to finding and screening candidates. Additionally, we learned a great deal from the group interview process that she coordinated and facilitated. It was a great way to assess multiple candidates simultaneously and get a strong read on each candidate’s fit for the role and the company culture. I highly recommend AHA! and their approach to recruiting!”Asoka Veeravagu