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What to expect?

Initially, expect a lot of questions.  We want to get a clear picture of your current operations and where you spend the most time.  If possible, we find we learn a lot about your needs by observing your frontline employees in action through observation and “secret-shopping” experiences.

What will you gain?

  • Insight into the “time sucks” and practices that are impeding your growth.
  • Action steps and tools that you can use to gain control of your time and business.
  • Techniques to onboard, train, and engage your team more effectively in order to free up your time.

What will be expected of you?

  • Your time.  It sounds counter-productive to say we need your time in order to create more time for you, but it is true.  You will not achieve business freedom and results overnight.  In the beginning, you will need to set aside time to partner with us in order to create your dream.
  • Being Open to new or different approaches.   You hired us for a reason.  You will only see the results you want if you are open to trying new methods.  We promise that we won’t ask you to try something that hasn’t proven results in the past.
  • Communicate honestly with us.  While we ask that you are open to new approaches, we also recognize that not everything works for everyone and every business.  We will regularly “check-in” with you to make sure we are on the right track for you.  Please share your thoughts with us.  We want to know what is working and what is not working.

What are some of the approaches and tools that AHA! uses to achieve results?

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"Andrea Hoffer Associates (AHA!) truly does provide the aha’s every business owner needs! Andrea helped me recognize the strengths and blind spots of my selling style. Andrea’s approach is interactive and effective. Andrea provided me with some fabulous coaching on the best way to communicate effectively to different styles. Andrea invests 100% of herself into helping her clients; her thoroughness, attention to detail and ability to see the big picture enable her to help others in a unique manner. You know you are in the presence of an insightful coach when you can learn about yourself, feel good about who you are and be excited about building your skill set. I highly recommend Andrea and AHA!"Monica McMahon,
GetFit Retreats, LLC
"Andrea turned everything around. During her first year, financial results improved by $800,000."Rosalind R. Meyers,
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Working with Andrea helped our company learn how to hire and keep the right employees. Andrea really opened up our eyes to focusing on core values and how to communicate them to our employees. She always listened to our ideas and helped us form solutions and processes that best fit our company."Jessica & Elliot Helmer
The Salt Suite,