As the fourth quarter ends, many managers are focusing on the end of year sale goals and numbers. It is also important to keep in mind the employees who help make those goals each quarter, especially during the holiday season. In truth, an employee who feels appreciated and valued is a manager’s most valuable asset,

How Everything DiSC® can help us understand “why we do what we do.” DiSC is an acronym standing for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, though there are other descriptors in those word families used for the same traits. Since its inception, Everything DiSC® has grown to become one of the most popular models for understanding

Why you should hire a recruitment agency for your next hire If you’ve ever been involved in hiring new talent, you know the hiring process costs a lot of time and money. The expense can go up substantially if you hire the wrong person. Whether you’re a small company relying on a senior staff member

5 benefits of using text messaging for talent recruiting Text messaging is a convenient way to have instant communication, which has made it a popular tool for hiring managers and recruiters. Texting has many benefits that can make the recruitment process easier and more efficient. “Faster response times, increased engagement and an improved candidate experience

How to Get Customer Feedback

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Your customers want to give you feedback. You just have to know how to ask. Maybe you’ve heard of a test audience. This is the Hollywood studio practice of inviting people to screen a movie ahead of the release date in exchange for their feedback. It’s costly, but movies can be substantial investments, so it’s

The Pros and Cons of Help Wanted Signs

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What help wanted signs to say about the job and your company How does it make you feel about a business when you see a help wanted sign posted on their front window? If the sign is nice or customized with different wording – such as “seeking future teammates” or “now hiring” – it can

6 tips for increasing the value of employee reviews Employee reviews can be stressful – on both sides of the desk. Walking the line between criticism and insult can feel like a high-wire circus act. Professionalism lays the foundation for just how effective a review will be. Crafting the perfect employee review While perfection is

Humans have a conflicting relationship with time. Sometimes we can’t get enough of it; at others, we seem to be suffocating in it. In a letter penned to his friend’s grieving wife, Albert Einstein suggested the distinction between the past, present, and future is “nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Whether it exists or

The golden rule of business is to “build good relationships.” There’s no more important relationship than with your customer, so you must be sure you can relate to every possible person. There are millions of potential buyers out there, but only a handful of core personality types. The perfect sales pitch doesn’t really exist. People

Job fairs are loaded with benefits for businesses—and they’re not limited to recruiting Job fairs usually seem to target those looking for employment, or people fresh off the graduation podium. As an employer, this may or may not be all that attractive. However, job fairs aren’t necessarily all about the talent pool. Why job fairs

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