6 tips for increasing the value of employee reviews Employee reviews can be stressful – on both sides of the desk. Walking the line between criticism and insult can feel like a high-wire circus act. Professionalism lays the foundation for just how effective a review will be. Crafting the perfect employee review While perfection is

Humans have a conflicting relationship with time. Sometimes we can’t get enough of it; at others, we seem to be suffocating in it. In a letter penned to his friend’s grieving wife, Albert Einstein suggested the distinction between the past, present, and future is “nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Whether it exists or

The golden rule of business is to “build good relationships.” There’s no more important relationship than with your customer, so you must be sure you can relate to every possible person. There are millions of potential buyers out there, but only a handful of core personality types. The perfect sales pitch doesn’t really exist. People

Job fairs are loaded with benefits for businesses—and they’re not limited to recruiting Job fairs usually seem to target those looking for employment, or people fresh off the graduation podium. As an employer, this may or may not be all that attractive. However, job fairs aren’t necessarily all about the talent pool. Why job fairs

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FAQs on why you need and how to use an employee onboarding checklist. Finding the right new hire is only half the battle. A large part of your new hire becoming a successful, long-term employee is a result of how their onboarding process goes. Taking the time to ensure your new hires are properly on-boarded

The hiring process has become more complex because of the need to run background checks, pre-hire assessments, and multiple interview rounds. None should be used as an excuse to drop off the radar once you have engaged a job candidate. It’s already difficult to find good job candidates.  As a hiring manager, you don’t want

We all want to succeed, and it’s usually why we take on more projects than we can handle alone. There really is only one way to get them all done—and that’s to look to your team for help. If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Does that statement resonate with

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Learn how to read your customers for greater sales success Completely understanding your customers is the key to an organization’s success. Who are they? What are their hobbies? What do they spend their time doing? What motivates them to buy? It’s not just about knowing their demographics, but anticipating their needs in order to continue

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Strategies for empowering employees to be resourceful and less reliant on upper management We all have those few employees who always have a question to ask. These questions can typically be divided into two parts: questions that could be researched elsewhere (like online or in company materials) or questions that have already been asked previously.

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6 ways to build a better connection with your customers Happy customers become repeat customers. One of the biggest challenges in sales is forging relationships with customers that build loyalty and retention. The relationship starts with the first contact, whether in person, via email, social media or on the phone. After that, it’s imperative to

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