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AHA! Impressions offers tools, resources, and turnkey recruitment services for customer-facing positions, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Partner with us to get the hiring results you need in less time!  

Let us help you find that super-star who will wow your customers! Check out our AHA! Impressions packages to the right or schedule a FREE Consultation with us below.

  • We specialize in recruiting for customer-facing positions in all industries. The positions typically require experience in customer service, sales, or management in high touch environments such as retail, hospitality, medical offices, and foodservice.
  • AHA! Impressions was named to represent the impressions your team members make on your customers every day.

With AHA! Impressions, we manage it all! 

  • Create a customized job posting and application that attracts candidates & weeds out the “not so interested.”
  • Distribute your job posting to over 14 different job boards for 30 days.
  • Highlight your open position to our database and on our Facebook page.
  • Screen (YES!  We will screen.) for 30 days the applications and only send you the candidates that meet the minimum requirements you set.
  • Communicate with your candidates so they are always up to date on their candidate status.
  • Provide you with any of our hiring tools at a “special rate” during your 30 day term.  These tools make hiring easier with prehire assessments, reference check software and customized interview questions.
  • PLUS! You receive our AHA! Team Interview Program for FREE! This kit gives you step-by-step instructions and templates for conducting interactive group interviews that get results. If you are local to South Florida and want us to conduct your first two group interviews for you, check out our June Special which includes group interviews. We love group interviews!

No need to review endless applications.  We review them for you & follow-up with EVERY applicant.

Stop paying for job postings that are pricey and you don’t have time to manage.  We do it for you!  Stop wasting your time and money creating and “boosting” job postings.  We have a method that works and an active database of job seekers.

We offer Membership options too for on-going recruitment needs.

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Find Great Employees with AHA! Impressions

AHA! Impressions is the right partner for you if you..

  • don't want to waste anymore time sifting through applications
  • want to stop paying for online job boards
  • only want to meet the best candidates for your positions
  • want more time to focus on your business
  • are ready to get results in less time

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"We recently used AHA! Impressions recruitment service after two unsuccessful experiences with a large, national organization. The process they use is comprehensive and generates important information about the applicant. We hired the first candidate AHA! Impressions recommended for an interview and so far so good!!!!"Ruth Spiegel, Owner
Cold Stone Creamery
"Working with AHA! Impressions helped our company learn how to hire and keep the right employees. They really opened up our eyes to focus on core values and how to communicate them to our employees."Jessica & Elliot Helmer
The Salt Suite
"As Red Banyan has grown and accelerated our hiring, the recruitment assistance from AHA! has been truly invaluable. AHA!’s pre-hire assessments have become a standard part of our hiring process, providing a new level of insight into candidates before they even come in for an interview. Andrea and her team are responsive, professional and easy to work with. They have saved us time and money by helping with the hiring so that we can focus on our core business, which is delivering results for our clients."Evan Nierman, Founder & Principal
Red Banyan
"Thank you to AHA! for providing our diverse organization the tools to provide consistent interview practices with well thought-out questions that focus on the overarching values of Turnberry!”Krystina Mores, Human Research Partner
"AHA! introduced us to the group interview process, lead an interview and trained us on how to hold the interviews ourselves. Using this process, we were able to identify and hire a highly qualified candidate for our sales position. I highly recommend AHA! Impressions."Heather Veeravagu, Owner
The Salt Station