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AHA! Team Interview Program

Find your GREAT employees today through an easy and effective system!

  • AHA! has added the FUN back into the hiring process and created a program that has PROVEN RESULTS.
  • Detailed facilitator guide with step by step instructions to help you create a fun, informative, and results-oriented group interview.
  • Email templates for each step in the interview process
  • AHA! Team Cards

Some of the great organizations currently using the AHA! Team Interview Program to find and hire GREAT team members:

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AHA! Impressions

Outsource your recruiting to us!  Let us create & post your job opportunity.  We will screen the applications and only send you the ones that meet the minimum requirements you set. 

With Impressions, we manage it all! 

No need to review endless applications.  We review them for you & follow-up with EVERY applicant.

Stop paying for job postings that are pricey and you don’t have time to manage.  We do it for you!  Stop wasting your time and money creating and “boosting” job postings.  We have a method that works and an active database of job seekers.

Contact us to learn more at impressions@ahabusinessconsulting.com or complete our form for a free consultation at www.ahaimpressions.com.

PXT Select™ Prehire Assessments

PXT Select, a Wiley brand, offers superior selection and employee-assessment solutions that fill the gap between the résumé and interview.  PXT Select makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. Combining over 20 years of research with powerful assessment technology, PXT Select and its intuitive suite of reports help fill the gap between the resume and the interview. This powerful selection assessment provides organizations with actionable data about candidates and employees in a simple to understand format that helps them to interview better and hire smarter.

What is PXT Select™?

  • It is an online selection assessment that measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests.
  • Assessment results equip organizations and hiring managers with easy to understand information about the candidate, and provides intuitive questions to strengthen the interview process.
  • PXT Select™ measures a candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests: three areas that impact an individual’s approach to situations in the workplace.

What reports are available with PXT Select™?

PXT Select’s suite of reports helps organizations to select, onboard, coach and develop employees. PXT Select offers the following reports:

    • Comprehensive Selection Report
      • Is the candidate a good fit? This powerful report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence. Featuring tailored interview questions and tips on “what to listen for” with each candidate, this report gives you a meaningful edge in your hiring process.
    • NEW Sales-Focused Reports
      • Perfect for hiring and developing the right salespeople for your organization.  PXT Select Sales Reports focus on an individual’s approach to critical sales practices, helping you find the right talent that will add value to your sales team and strengthen your business.
    • Multiple Positions Report
      • What’s the best fit for a particular individual? Compare a candidate or employee to multiple jobs in your organization.
    • Multiple Candidates Report
      • Make hiring decisions with ease. Compare multiple candidates for a single position.

AHA! Business Consulting is honored to be a part of the PXT Select™ Authorized Partner Network and provide PXT Select™ assessment solutions to organizations throughout North America.  Contact us today to learn more about what this powerful tool can do for your selection process.

SkillSurvey Reference™ Online Reference Checking Solution

SkillSurvey Reference is a powerful online reference checking solution that gets references to talk.  The results: increased efficiencies and substantially reduced reference-checking turnaround time and time-to-fill.

Leverage the patented Pre-Hire 360 workflow in SkillSurvey Reference to access hundreds of job-specific surveys created by our team of I/O psychologists that help you get real, validated feedback on the behaviors that correlate with job success

Research has proven that effective use of the Pre-Hire 360® workflow reduces turnover and results in better post-hire performance while adding efficiency to the recruiting process.


AHA! Team Portal

The AHA! Team Portal for employees brings all of your information together in one place – your cellphone!  It allows you to always provide the most up to date information your team members need at their fingertips.  We customize the portal to your needs and teach you how easy it is to use and manage.  Think how easy it would be if your team could access the most up to date information about your product or service on their phones without searching through numerous emails or trying to remember all of the urls.  The portal is password protected and secure.  It is an effective on-boarding tool for new employees and is also great to house Human Resource information.

  • Cut down on paper and house important information like your employee handbook, benefit information, training resources, and more.
  • Give your team an easy and fun way to learn and interact with you by providing quizzes and polls they can complete from their cellphone.  They can even upload selfies!
  • Always have the information you need for your team members at your fingertips.
  • Run reports to see who is using the portal and what they are doing on it.
  • Plus, use our texting feature to text your team in an event of an emergency.

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"We all need to hire and this program gives me a sense that we have a process that works, so you don’t have to worry about it.  We setup a time for a group interview, funnel the prospects into that time slot and then show up and follow the script. It works, and that is what I would want to buy!"Jeremie
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"We recently used AHA! Impressions recruitment service after two unsuccessful experiences with a large, national organization. The process they use is comprehensive and generates important information about the applicant. We hired the first candidate AHA! Impressions recommended for an interview and so far so good!!!!"Ruth Spiegel, Owner
Cold Stone Creamery
"Working with AHA! Impressions helped our company learn how to hire and keep the right employees. They really opened up our eyes to focusing on core values and how to communicate them to our employees."Jessica & Elliot Helmer
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