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AHA! works with higher educational institutions and professionals to improve organizational and leadership effectiveness, operating efficiency, and team performance.  Andrea Hoffer, the founder of AHA!, brings over twenty years of experience in many facets of Higher Education Administration and business operations.

A  sampling of our consultation and facilitation services include:

  • Coaching for mid-level & senior level higher education professionals
  • New Student Orientation Programs focused on building effective relationships
  • Programs to improve the customer experience in your Student Union
  • Leadership training and team development facilitation for alumni boards, student leaders, student employees, and higher educational professionals
  • Recruitment and retention programs for student employees
  • Facilitation for professional teams in the areas of strategic visioning, core value development, communication strategies, and strategic decision-making
  • Programs to connect student leadership offerings to workplace effectiveness


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"As a result of her education and successful job performance in both higher education and business, Andrea is uniquely qualified to help others develop a people-oriented, coaching style of leadership which also focuses on results. While her style is highly developmental and stems from a genuine satisfaction in facilitating personal and professional growth in others, she maintains a no-nonsense attitude about the responsibilities of both leaders and followers to contribute to positive outcomes."Sally Hammock,
Program Manager
Undergraduate Studies
Georgia Institute of Technology