Is a Business Plan Right for Me?

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 by

What’s a business plan? In today’s technological landscape, with start-ups launching every minute and venture capital seemingly being pumped into any and every idea, the importance of a business plan has become somewhat disrespected. Yes, the main purpose for creating a business plan is to secure funding – but that is not its only purpose.

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You require a resume – which you’ll fact-check – from a job candidate, but what will you give them in exchange? It’s standard operating procedure for employers to use social media to screen candidates before a job offer. Current estimates put the number of organizations doing this at 70 percent or more. Nearly half are

If done correctly, employee referrals can drastically change your business. The secret to finding valuable, high performance employees is to seek out your current valuable, high performance employees and attempt to pull from their network. Chances are the talent within your organization is connected to other great talent – whether from a mutual professional organization,

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The need for the right training and mentoring for employees You’ve made good hires and you have a strong workforce. But is there nothing left for employees to learn, no need for them to grow? Take what’s good and make it even better through the right training and mentoring. The importance of ongoing training Yes,

Our Favorite 2017 Blogs

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 by

The start of 2018 got us thinking about the purpose behind AHA! Business Consulting – to help retail service businesses succeed. Business owners understand more than anyone the challenges to achieving and sustaining growth. That is the reason our why is built around giving business owners the support they need to take control of your

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