How to be a good manager largely depends on taking time to understand each team member. Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted to a management role for the very first time. You’re excited for the new responsibility, but a little nervous on how to hit the ground running as a “good manager,” right? It has been

What you need to know when hiring frontline employees. An organization’s customer-facing team plays the most critical role in driving the organization’s success. For hiring managers, you know that maintaining low turnover in these key roles is vital to sustaining employee morale and continuing to keep revenue driving in the right direction. To keep good

Why you should ask for customer feedback and how No business owner or manager likes to receive criticism. However, in the retail and service industries, negative feedback is a daily occurrence. While it’s easy to wince or become defensive in the face of such criticism, you need to remember that it’s not always a bad

Delegate your way to balancing business and your life. We all know managers or owners who find it hard to delegate. Perhaps you’re one of those people, believing everything will fall apart if you’re not in charge. The inability to delegate can create unnecessary problems for you and your business, however. Employees might feel you