Where is your time going?

As the owner and leader, your time must be freed from daily operations so that you have the headspace for growing your company’s profits and impact. However, for many owners of retail or service operations, it can seem impossible to focus on growth when your days are surrendered to the constant challenges of simply keeping your customers (and team) happy.

Can you count on your team?

It is common for operators to lose every day to serving customers, putting out fires and enforcing consistency on their staff with no time left for the important things that only the leader can do. These demands are magnified when your team develops interpersonal challenges.

What should my days look like?

AHA! wants you to own your business, not let your business own you. In fact, Andrea, the founder of AHA!, wants you to have a business like one of her retail businesses. She owned a successful massage franchise unit for 9 years with 35 employees and enjoyed the following:

  • 9 years of consecutive growth
  • Receiving daily metrics and progress from her team
  • Working only 10 - 15 hours per week on that business

If the frustrations of getting your people to perform consistently and cohesively drain your best hours, then you are likely struggling to grow your business. Or, that growth is translating into you working more hours which is unsustainable.

Let AHA! introduce clarity and consistency to your retail or service business and prepare yourself for more profits and more time off. Schedule your complimentary assessment today!

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